a litany of thoughts at 12:49am 


Why am I up? 

Must be for a reason

Finally had an urge to write

To design, to create

Playing in my bubble

my safe space

Thought about decorating it

as if it’s a new place

reflective of current life

shifts and changes

However decided to

keep it simple 

using minimal accents

to spruce up the energy

springing forth fave flowers

falling into love’s idiom 

Why am I up?

Work is tomorrow

tedious are my tasks 

and yet I sit aimlessly 

in my own thoughts and feels

without any sense of urgency

of the 12:54am on top of my screen

this moment is a vacay or a vacuum

or a vanity or a villain

Wonder how many ‘v’ words i know

let’s not play that vicious game

may feel limited and right now, 

I’d like to feel limitless, free floating

seamless in senselessness 

Why am I up?

Alarm will go off in about 4 hours

Is it insomnia? Or anxiety?

Stress disguised as peace?

Pure excitement of next week? 

Heat waking me up? 

Midnight bathroom breaks?

Slight fear of nightmares? 

Angels wanting to chat? 

1:02 am is the time

3 is a nice way to end 

so until next time, 

I’ll try to sleep again

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