Life In Technicolor

Life In Technicolor Volume 1-3 - Poetry E-Book Series - 2013

Life In Technicolor

“Love is a familiar territory if you’ve been searching and knowing its radiance. At times it takes a poet skilled in language to put it all in perspective for the millions in line waiting for commitment and security. As I continued to read, it struck me that Tunisia Jolyn never bashed love, whether it’s received or turned down. Her verbal breakdown of the verb is fascinating.

Personally, I’ve never read a book that makes you want to alter your opinions about love within five minutes of reading. This weekend, my plans are to book a second hot date with Life in Technicolor | Volume 1: LOVE.”

— kYmberly keeton, Authorpreneur, Digital Publisher, Art Librarian


Love. War. Peace. -- Cliché words flipped and turned on its head for poetry's sake. That's what Life In Technicolor Series: Volumes 1-3 is all about -- making the grandiose topics into bite size moments of introspection. These poetry e-books explore the three topics --love, war and peace--exhaustively, examining the many intricacies on the surface as well as the deep emotions underneath the obvious. Please read them here:

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